The Best Update Ever from Hitlist (#2)

Season’s greetings, dear friends of Hitlist / TripCommon.

In the last two weeks, 18,927 people have downloaded Hitlist. We’re on track to clear 20k todayThanks for helping us get this far! 

Still a long way to go before we are the premier mobile optimized flight search and booking engine, but you’ve got to start somewhere.
November’s goal was to acquire a critical mass of user feedback so we could make data-driven decisions on what to fix and/or build next. 20k counts as critical mass.
Focus for December: keep our user growth Moore’s Law-ing, and develop features to drive daily engagement (we’ve got a few ideas and will be testing them out soon). So, if you’re so inclined:
  1. One click tweet or Facebook share!
  2. Let me know if you’d be interested in beta testing new features
Hero of the month: Luka, our CTO, for building a database that can track (at present) 4.3 million Facebook profiles.Ever resourceful, Luka sought database management advice from a friend who works for the world’s largest porn hub.
  • Dave McClure and I did a radio interview on Dubai Eye, the UAE’s main business show, on startups, Silicon Valley, and the Middle East. He didn’t swear once! (those of you who know him might know how much of a rarity that is..)
  • Got some nice press coverage: The Next Web, Lifehacker, and kicked things off, and more than 1200 people shared Hitlist-related content on Facebook alone. (Join them? One click tweet or Facebook share.)
  • I was in Dublin, London, Istanbul, Amman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ft Lauderdale doing business development.Some of it was more fun than the rest. I’m now happy to be back in New York for the foreseeable future.
Why are we doing this?
Inline image 1
Fun facts:
  • It’s a global movement! Some of the top cities where Hitlist users and their friends live are:
    • Athens (145k)
    • London (65k)
    • New York (59k)
    • Singapore (30k)
    • Sao Paulo (25k)
  • We’ve been in featured in ‘Top Ten’ lists in the app store in five countries so far, and were #1 in Greece for a while. Annoyingly, our US peak so far is #11
  • This is what a cross-continental high 5 looks like (taken when we passed 10k registered users)
Thanks again for all you do to help. We’re so lucky to have people like you rooting for us.

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