The Best Update Ever from Hitlist (#3)

It’s been a great start to the year. To the nerdy among you, we were excited to stay on the front page of Hacker News for many hours on Monday, be featured in Product Hunt, and make it to TechCrunch’s ‘trending’ page. Getting feedback from the tech community is invaluable as we get ready for a bigger, badder relaunch later this year.
Focus for February: prove out our core value proposition: that we are able to convert aspiring travelers to bookers at a better rate than the standard OTA/metasearch engine. If you’re keen to help out:
  1. Have you used the product and liked it, or know friends who have? We’re looking to collect some customer testimonials, so please send along any positive words you may have. (and negative, we always love feedback..)
The core of our mission has always been the same: to help users travel more (and implicitly help travel suppliers sell more of their inventory). We’re still figuring out how best to do this, but think we’re on the right track with Hitlist. Some key metrics:
  • 39% of people who land on our web page come from social, organic, or direct referral (the rest come from press). We still have a ways to go before we could be considered sustainably viral but this isn’t a bad start
  • open rate on emails is 62%, compared to an industry standard of around 5%
  • average time in app is actually increasing – to 5:19 with the latest cohort
On the revenue side, we’re working on proving that we can convert aspiring travelers to bookers and encourage incremental travel. Some progress:
  • sent more than 3k ‘hot leads’ to our existing partners, and are working on building out tracking to see how well they have converted
Other updates:
  • Tomislav Kozacinski has joined the team as a front end developer and designer. You’ll be seeing the fruits of some of his labors soon. In addition to his design talents, he happens to be a performing-on-TV standup comedy star. What does your designer do in his spare time?
  • Thanks to many of your tweets, and always your support, we won the $25k first prize at Startup Battles in December
Why are we doing this? 
We firmly believe 1. travel saves and enriches lives and 2. the existing consumer experience hinders people’s ability to travel and vendor’s ability to efficiently manage their inventory, and innovations could substantially expand the $313bn industry. Favorite recent supporting evidence for the former from researchers at Kellogg, CBS, and INSEAD: Travel Increases Belief inthe Benevolence of Human Nature
As always, you, our supporters, are crucial to our ongoing success. We thank you from the bottom of our deep, dark hearts.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
PS will you be our Valentines? One click tweet. Share on Facebook. Or just direct your friends to Thanks!
PPS Gif of the month: we’re all working on perfecting this move
day animated gif on Giphy

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