The best update ever from Hitlist (#5)

Greetings, beautiful people. 

If you’re thinking – am I already a month older? Is it time for an update from the Hitlist team again? The answer is yes, and yours truly also happens to be a year older, too. Happy birthday to me. 
In more exciting news: we’re pleased to announce that John Owen, one of the founders of JetBlue, has joined our funding round. We’re so happy to have someone with his breadth of industry experience (before JetBlue, he was a VP at Southwest) on board. 
Focus for April: PRODUCT + TEAM
  • non-Facebook login has been shipped to the App Store; subject to the approval of the app Gods in Cupertino it should go live this weekend
  • we’re looking to fill a number of positions, although we’ll only likely hire 1-2 in the short term: Product Manager, Business Development Lead, Marketing & Growth Lead, and (my favorite) Storytelling Statistician. Please share these listings with anyone you think might be a good fit for our team. Who might that be? You can read more at the links above, but our main criteria is that we’re looking for someone who has at least at one point in his or her life been lost and alone in a place where they don’t know the language. The kinds of people who have gotten themselves into (and out of) this type of situation are most likely to understand & contribute to this team effectively.
Please help us get the word out about these open positions! One click tweet. Share on Facebook. Or just direct your friends to
  • We’re going native! And no, Dad, that doesn’t mean what you think it does. We’ve been developing our app usingPhoneGap, an open source framework that allows you to take a web app and ‘wrap’ it in code that makes it perform like a mobile app instead of a website. It’s served us well-ish so far but it’s time to grow up and build directly in objective-C (for iOS apps) and Java (for Android). Expect much faster, more responsive performance when we release our native app in June.
  • a lot of other long ‘back burner’ed issues are also going live: multi-currency support, etc should go live before May 1st
  • We won Ultra Light Startups‘ pitch competition last month.
  • I teamed up with Tadhg PearsonBrian Shaler (also known as doge_js), and Kyle Kahveci to take second place in Mashable’s Travel Hackathon at hack/reduce in Cambridge. We built a nifty flight search engine that allows you to search for flights with 6+ hour layovers, all the better for exploring new cities. We called it Playover and you can actually use it.
  • Sasa is on vacation in Tokyo and the rest of us are jealous. Of the food and the weather, not the vacation, of course.
Why are we doing this?
Because people want it. We continue to see robust organic growth and can’t wait to do a real marketing push when we have a few other long-percolating parts of the product fully tested and running.
As ever, thanks for your support along the way. And please do share that job description around.
GIF of the month – there’s been a lot to juggle as of late (not that we’re complaining)

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