The best update ever from Hitlist (#8)

Greetings, beautiful people.

This time a year ago, Luka, Timo, and I were sitting in a series of cafes in Amsterdam (one pictured below), drawing up the first sketches of an app we called ‘Hitlist’. Since then we’ve

  • shipped 218 builds of the app to testing
  • reached over a quarter million people across our web, mobile, and social properties
  • stopped drinking Starbucks*

Inline image 1

Hitlist is still so young. There’s much we want to build and more people we want to reach. But it’s heady sometimes to reflect on just how much work has gone in so far.
I’ll say this over and over again: we couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for all the input and support so far.
Would any of you be willing & able to help with any of the following?
TRANSLATION: we’ll be rolling out versions of Hitlist in a number of different languages over the next month. Any native speakers of other languages willing to help us save on translation costs? It takes ~2 hours to do all the translation for one language, or you could do just a few phrases and/or help proofread. High priority: Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Italian. (Side tip – if you’re ever trying to internationalize your own app, OneSky is a great tool).
BLOGSwe’re working through a pretty comprehensive list of traditional press contacts, but could use some connections to influential lifestyle/travel/personal finance bloggers who might be interested in writing about Hilist or accepting a guest post.
  • last month we asked for help with connections to the App Store, fundraising, press, and testing. You came through in the best of ways. We’ll have an announcement coming out later this week with a bit more detail.
  • we’ve been named finalists for the Women 2.0 pitch contest September 29th-30th in SF. I assume I’ll have a +1 and could probably use some help preparing, carrying swag, possibly manning a booth. Anyone want to come cheer me on and/or network with speakers like the CMO of Yahoo, Director of Engineering at Facebook, etc? See here for more details.
  • I published a blog post with resources for travel startups. In characteristic fashion, I managed to include some social commentary, lots of numbers, and a GIF. It’s basically a condensed version of most of what I’ve learned in the last two years, which I hope could be useful to people who are working in this space. Any edits/feedback would be much appreciated.
  • Bonus if you’ve made it this far into the email: we’re sponsoring a free trip to NYC for people interested in travel – enter here.

When we romanticize the ‘golden age’ of air travel, we often forget that flights were accessible only to the very elite. The attitude that flying is exotic has gone away, but the assumption that it is expensive and indulgent remains. It doesn’t have to be. If we can help change people’s perceptions about how expensive it is to travel, we might be able to get them to do it more. And more travel is a good thing for so many reasons.


For reasons we don’t need to trouble you all with, this has been a tough month. The important thing is we’ve emerged a lot stronger than we ever were before. This little green man was one of many sources of inspiration.

Inline image 2

Oh, and to the probably 50% of this mailing list that is in the desert outside Black Rock City right now: have a great Burn.

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