The best update ever from Hitlist (#11)

A post-Thanksgiving greetings to you. We’ve said this before, we’ll say it again – we’re grateful you’re here and take the time to read this and jump in from time to time. Have an extra slice of Tofurkey. You deserve it.

Focus for the next month: GROWTH

We’d like to reach a quarter million users by the end of the year, because that’s a nice round number. Could any of you help us out with any of the following?

ADVICE: Have you or someone you know built a consumer-facing app that went viral? Rahul (head of product) and I would love some ‘insider’ advice on what you think made the difference and any specific advice you might have for Hitlist.

PRESS: we’ve gotten some great coverage so far (from TechCrunch to the New York Times) but want moar. Have friends at Mashable, Thrillist, Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, BBC, LA Times, Business Insider, Fortune, <insert other outlet I’m neglecting>? One click to send them an email.

And as always: if you think we’re nice, please one click tweet about HitlistLike us on Facebook, and follow us on Angellist!


– Our focus last month was product: boosting engagement user retention. We managed to bump our DAU/MAU and retention rates by a few points. Still much to do but we’re getting better at this every day… we also discovered that a product feature we’d put on the back burner got >20k hits last month, so we’re polishing it up and going to put it a bit more front and center!

– We’re in Vogue this month in an article on ‘Breaking the Silicon Ceiling

– I competed in the Amadeus Hack@1050 and our team won $6k for Vamoose, a questionably named NLP (=natural language processing) – flight search mashup. If you’re into artificial intelligence and/or how I spend my weekends, you can read the recap here.

– v2.3 is in review with the App Store Gods in Cupertino and should be out any day: we now support multiple origin airports, handoff for transferring flight booking from mobile to desktop for those on iOS8/Yosemite, an iOS8 notification widget, and localized versions in German, Spanish, French, Portugese, and Italian

last week I presented alongside Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures (investors in Twitter, Foursquare, Etsy, etc) and Vinay Trivedi (author of How to Speak Tech) on ‘Transitioning into Tech’. Presentation here.


– we’ll be rolling out a very slick web version of Hitlist in December. We’ll ask you to tell everyone you know, even the ones that stole your lunch money in elementary school. Just a heads up.

– 4th December (NYC, 17th & 5th, 6:30-8:30pm): I’ll be talking about building Hitlist at Women 2.0’s City Meetup alongside Zavida Mangaru, SVP at Mastercard, and Rebecca Kaden, a principal at VC firm Maveron. Tickets here. Dudes also welcome

– 11th December (NYC, 43rd & Madison, 8pm): Grand Central Tech, the accelerator where we work, is hosting a holiday party, and you’re all warmly invited! Must RSVP here

HEROS OF THE MONTH: to all the people who have graciously hosted members of the Hitlist team on their couches/spare beds in the last month, a hearty thank you: Zannis, Jonathan & Laura, Hilary & Yakir, Xander, Eric, Malcolm, Tommaso, Conor, Ben & James, Justin, Jacqui, Amanda, Michael, Timo’s cousin, Katya, Siobhan & Kristen, my parents, and Grand Central Tech


People are happier when they spend their money on travel rather than material goods, according to science (via the WSJ). We just want to help them.


This reminds us of that scene in ‘Before Sunrise

security cameras before sunrise

PS Check out Vamo if you’re planning any multi-stop travel itineraries for the holiday. Ari Steinberg and co have built some pretty mind-blowing tech.


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