The best update ever from Hitlist (#16)

Last month’s focus was growth. Our ‘key metric’ – exits from partners – was 3765 in May, compared to 4233 in April. The fall is attributable to the fact that we neglected to send ANY automated deal alerts in the latter half of the month due to a back end glitch we didn’t notice for two weeks – our collective failure for not having a system that rings alarm bells when these things happen, and a sobering reminder that we haven’t been as vigilant about our metrics as we should be. Lesson learned, fallbacks put in place, will do better next time.

On a brighter note, we saw >1m page views/month across our web and mobile properties. As we’ve still never paid for a download or advertisement, I think we can  be pretty excited for crossing the 1m mark. Now #nosleeptill1bn

This month’s focus: PRODUCT. We’re working very hard on a significant overhaul of the app’s UX, and have started testing v3.0.
  • please sign up for the beta here if you’d like to provide feedback
  • we’d like to do a more-official ‘launch’ when we release v3.0. Any tips on launch strategy, or people you’d recommend consulting?


– ‘If you have a terrible, 10 or 15-year long affliction of wanderlust like I do, Hitlist’s Wandertab on Chrome and Firefox is the worst. Or the best. Or the worst. Well, one of the two.’ – Kim-Mai Cutler of TechCrunch (click to tweet). And if you haven’t already, we highly recommend downloading Wandertab.

– We’ve activated two new revenue streams: syndicating content and one that I’m not quite ready to tell you about yet.

– I’ll be speaking at UserConf Portland on June 26th (tickets here) on ‘When to not listen to user feedback.’

– We’ve started syndicating content to The Points Guy, the best source of advice on how to make the most of your airline/hotel/credit card points to travel for less.

– After nearly a year off, we’re reviving our series of Travel Tech Talks, where we bring industry leaders into dialog with the travel startup community. Last month’s event featured John Caine, the CPO of, and Rafat Ali, the CEO and founder of Skift. One of many interesting points: there seems to be an increasing trend in the tech industry for CMOs to become CEOs, something that would have been nigh-unthinkable a decade ago. If you’d like to attend events like these in the future, sign up here.

Harvard Business Review published an article I wrote on how ‘Traveling the World made me a better Entrepreneur.’

– Hitlist was featured in the Growth Hacking Podcast, Teleport’s Free People Move podcast, and ISPOSSIBLE in Tech’s podcast.

– And Luka, our CTO, got married to the brilliant and beautiful Aleksandra. In lieu of a wedding gift, he would like you to tell all your friends to download Hitlist, tweet about it, share on Facebook, or just direct your friends to For the record, he would also like an Apple Watch. 

Why we’re doing this: 
At the excellent M1 Summit in NYC, (put on by ENIAC VC), Barry Sternlicht, the former CEO of Starwood Hotels, quipped that he’d ‘much rather run a hotel with 10 rooms for $1k/night than 100 rooms at $100/night, it’s just a lot more fun.’ This is an attitude I’ve seen pervasive across top level management in the travel industry. It’s easier, and more ‘fun’, to cater to the high-spending traveler. The vast long tail of more budget-minded travelers have been ignored and left with suboptimal tools for way too long. We’re changing that.

GIF OF THE MONTH: finding product-market fit.

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